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Hercules Cycles

The Hercules Cycle and Motor Company Limited was a British bicycle manufacturer founded on 9 September 1910 in Aston in England. Hercules is also from TI cycles India. Hercules brand introduced mountain bicycles in India, their MTB cycles are amongst the best selling in the country.
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Hero Cycles

Hero cycles is also one of the top-selling brands in India. They have best bicycles under Rs 10000. Hero as a brand is known for selling a budget bicycle with acceptable quality at a really good price. You can check out hero gear cycle with disk brake price at Hero Cycles
You have a lot of options to choose from. You will surely find a bicycle to you liking in our vast range of options at our online cycle store Buy Hero cycles at Hero Cycles

BSA LadyBird Cycles

LadyBird is first Indian bicycle brand to design solely for girls & women. They have a very bright and attractive colour cycle frames specially designed for girls. LadyBird brand is the cycle to buy if you looking for a cycle for your daughter.
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Hercules Roadeo Bikes

Hercules roadeo is a brand in itself. I still remember my first bike which was a Roadeo. They now have over 12 models to suit different requirements of the entry level customers.
Roadeo bicycles are very popular amongst the teens in India. More cycles from Hercules Roadeo at Hercules Roadeo Bikes

BSA Cycles

BSA is a well known and recognized brand in India. BSA continues to be the top seller, selling millions of bicycles every year. Ladybird, Toonz, Dora are some of the best kids bikes from the immense collection of BSA. Girls cycles or kids bikes, BSA has what you need. They offer other Fitness bikes too. BSA has been pioneers in launching some of the first bicycle types in the Indian market. As per their website, they were the first to launch Ladies cycle, kids cycle in India.
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Atlas Cycles

This brand was established in 1950. If you are someone born in the 1960’s/70’s, this is a brand that you will remember very well. This company was established by Shri Janki Das Kapur to serve the needs of the common man of India.
Atlas established themselves as the leaders of the bicycle market in India by 1965. They also launched India’s first sports bicycle in 1978. They have come a long way from those days. Even though they have not lost the leadership position in the Indian bicycle market, they still have some models to offer.
Altas Motion & Atlas Ultimate City are some of their top-selling models currently. Altas also sells cycles for kids. They have some good models that kids really love. Check more options from Atlas at

Kross Cycles

To begin with, the Kross cycles that you get in India has nothing to do with Kross brand of bicycles from Poland. The Kross cycles that you buy in India, is a sub-brand of the Hero group. Unlike the polish brand, this particular brand focuses more on affordability. The brand is meant for beginner or casual rides and not seasoned riders. Check more options from Kross at Since this brand also belongs to the Hero group of companies, you will be able to easily locate a dealer in your locality. Also, servicing the same will not be an issue.

Mach City Bikes

Mach city is a brand owned by BSA cycles (TI Cycles group). They have become very popular in India mainly due to its Mach City iBike(Mach City Bikes) There are a lot of variations available in ibike model.
If you are looking to buy hybrid bicycles , MachCity iBike is one of the top best choices.

Giant Bikes

Official Website – Giant Bicycles Giant is a Taiwanese company. They claim to be the world’s largest manufacturer of bicycles by revenue. If you want to buy a bicycle that the pros prefer, go for a Giant performance cycling.

Bianchi Cycles

Official Website – Bianchi Bianchi is an Italian bicycle manufacturer and has a history of over 130 years in this field. They are also amongst the top international brands. They are known for their performance models.
The frames of Bianchi bikes are crafted in Italy headquarter and are made with the sole purpose of racing. However, they do offer other variants like mountain, road, e-cycles & Fitness bikes too.
You will regularly see their high-end bikes being used by racers in the famous Tour de France.

Mongoose Cycles

If you are looking to BMX bicycles, Mongoose would be the brand of your choice. They have a wide variety of BMX bicycles. Their bicycles are known for high quality and durability. You can perform a range of stunts on these bicycles.

Btwin Cycles

Btwin is a cycling brand owned by a French company Decathlon. Decathlon cycles division was formed in 1976. It was later officially renamed as Btwin in the year 2006. The decathlon company was formed with the objective of making sports equipment more affordable for everyone across the globe. Their cycling brand Btwin has the same objective. They make great quality bikes at affordable prices.

Cannondale Cycles

Official Website – Cannondale Cannondale brand is owned by Canadian firm Dorel Industries. They are known globally for their innovative bicycle designs. They produce and sell a wide range of performance bicycles across the globe.
Initially, all their bicycles were handcrafted in the USA. However, now bicycles are manufactured at facilities in China and Taiwan. They design their bicycle frames and other key components together as a system. This helps in driving better performance out of their cycles. They mainly work with aluminium and carbon fibre frames.
They also invented the cutting edge bottom bracket technology. This technology is now widely accepted in the cycling industry as it greatly helps the pedalling efficiency of the rider.

Trek Bicycles

Trek Bicycle Corporation is a bicycle and cycling product manufacturer and distributor under brand names Trek, Electra Bicycle Company, Gary Fisher, Bontrager, Diamant Bikes, Villiger Bikes and, until 2008, LeMond Racing Cycles and Klein.( wiki link Trek Bicycles) Even though they are expensive for most average Indians, they are the ultimate machine that any cyclist would love to own. Trek was founded in the year 1975 and are based out of Wisconsin, USA.